Creative design

Mateusz Dudziński

Graphic Designer & Web Designer


Matthew is our creative director. He has been passionate about all things design before he even learned to walk, locking himself for hours to master his hand skills or continuously experimenting with shapes and styles, he pursued his passion throughout his life, graduating in graphic design in 2016.

He has worked with many clients on a freelance basis and in-house agencies giving him a good understanding of how to deal with different project needs. He believes that design is more than just fancy-flashy software effects, he believes a perfect design speaks for itself. He loves discussions about the design history, styles and meaning. His innovative style, passion, willingness to experiment and agility in making changes brings the beautiful results and is one of the reasons why most of the start-ups and some of the world leading companies choose to work with us. 

He envisages DemoArtStation’s mission to promote graphic design that leaves lasting impressions on the audience, a design that provokes conversations and ultimately enhances your brand in your customers' memories!

Professional Skills

Manual Skills

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