StrategY Development

Miroslaw Zon

Strategy Development


Miroslaw is our marketing and brand strategy director. A seasoned entrepreneur he has always been interested in business and continued with his passion throughout his life, successfully trading online on Ebay and Amazon since childhood, starting his first brick and mortar store at the age of 18.

He has had many successes but also failures giving him first hand experience of good and bad business decisions. He has also worked in some of the best sales teams in the world and helped many businesses successfully grow sales through carefully planned and detailed strategies. His keen interest in understanding the marketing ROI performance, efficiencies, increasing the profitability and securing long term sustainable growth through finding opportunities to promote the business are some of the reasons why most start-ups and some of the world leading companies choose to work with us. 

He envisages DemoArtStation’s mission to help businesses carefully plan and execute marketing & sales strategy, a strategy that helps to achieve goals, provide sustainable growth and one that enhances your brand in your customers’ memories!

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